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Code and Energy Efficient Building 7 Hour Course

Improving weatherization and energy efficiency can save clients thousands over the life of the building. Have your clients thanking you every time they get their energy bill with the tips you learn here!

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Code and Energy Efficient Building 7 Hour Course

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Online Anytime Learning!

Online Event

About the event

 We worked with Cook County Higher Education to provide these Continuing Education options for you that include discounts!

Code and Energy Efficient Building: Anytime Learning Online

7 Hour Video Course Includes 1 hour Energy

$104 per person 

CCHE & CCLEP have worked on your behalf to get 10% off the course cost . 

Please register with Steve Cerone 231-683-1995

Instructor:  Rodger Peck

Code:  Students successfully completing this portion of the course will gain confidence in their ability to use and understand the current Minnesota Residential Code.  It’s important to recognize the fact that without a standard to meet, many buildings would simply be too dangerous and unsafe to occupy, or, too costly to maintain. The building codes, and the building officials that enforce them, are there to safeguard the health, safety, property, and public welfare of the residents of Minnesota.

Energy Efficient Building:  Even as technological innovation creates new construction possibilities, incorporating energy-efficiency into building projects can not only provide a better quality of life, but also protect the environment.  A comprehensive approach to resource and energy efficiency is the best method to achieve a resource and energy efficient building.  This chapter will help builders identify important considerations and then apply those principles to a specific project.

This Course Covers:

  • Introduction to the Minnesota Residential Code Book
  • Chapter 1300 Administration and Logic
  • Minnesota Revisions and Definitions
  • Planning – Design, Egress, Requirements
  • Structure
  • Wall Covering, Roofing and Exteriors
  • Energy Efficient Building – Energy costs, Environmental concerns, Site evaluation, Solar, Geothermal, LEED

Contact CCHE's Program Director, Kelsey Kennedy at or call 218.387.3411 or CCLEP Kat Meyo at for assistance in figuring out what track is best for you!

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