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Want to reduce your carbon budget? Can't afford to go solar right now? No problem!

If you are like me, you may think that in order to significantly contribute to reducing our community's carbon emissions, your first step should be buying an electric vehicle, or maybe installing solar panels on your roof, or investing in any of the other big-ticket clean-energy technologies available today. However, if you are also like me, you may not be able to afford those purchases. Maybe you don't even own your own home. Does that mean you can't participate in reducing our community's carbon budget? Absolutely not! In fact, even if you can afford to install solar panels, or buy an electric vehicle, or purchase a heat pump system for your home, it's important to first assess your household's energy usage and make adjustments that will improve your home's energy efficiency. These adjustments can significantly reduce your contribution to our community's carbon emissions, regardless of whether you are immediately able to make any of those big-ticket purchases. Wondering where to start? Here is a great infographic that can help you plan your path to a clean-energy home, beginning with low-investment actions you can take at any point, on any budget.

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