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I sighed and looked at myself in the mirror, sending to all the casino devils both Rose and the croupier's heavy share at six in the morning My mirror light, say, oh no, better shut up! From under the black bangs, reddened eyes with flawlessly made-up eyelashes looked at me - super-resistant mascara did not crumble even in the morning. I imagined that I was a movie star, and I had to go out under the spotlights of camera flashes on the red carpet.

My dry lips curled into a bow and blew a kiss to the imaginary fans. In the dimmed light of the casino, imperfections dissipate, and everything seems prettier, younger, richer, and life is easier. You can imagine yourself as a real Uma Thurman, especially since many in the casino noticed our resemblance to her, probably because of the gray eyes, or because of the black bob - with almost the same, a little longer, to the shoulders, she danced with Travolta in Pulp Fiction.

I made a face at my image, straightened the bob strands, parted my eyelids with my fingers, patted my cheeks with my hands - like for freshness, tinted bright red "Loreal" lips - like for beauty, straightened my shoulders - like I'm not tired at all, and opened the door to hell.


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