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Clean Energy Jobs

There is no doubt about it, there is an energy revolution happening in the USA and the clean energy economy is a huge source of jobs. With skyrocketing demand for renewable energy and energy efficient technology, the demand for more to join the workforce is also through the roof. There is a wide range of careers in clean energy to choose from that are well-paying, not to mention you can feel good about the positive impact you are making for your community and country. The clean energy sector has a wide net of occupations in energy efficiency, renewable energy, grid and storage, clean fuels, advanced transportation, shipping, law, finance, technology and much more. Not all clean energy positions are field positions, so if you want to make real change, this is for you!

Installing Solar Panel
Installing Solar Panel

Clean Energy Careers

 Are you curious to make a career change or unsure which career path to pursue?Do you have young folks in your life who are weighing career options? Are you considering a mid-career shift? A job in clean energy is a good choice for your community, your climate, and your budget.

Consider seeking out a career in renewable energy!  According to the Bureau of Labor And Statistics, employment of solar photovoltaic installers is projected to grow 52 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations! About 2,300 openings for solar photovoltaic installers are projected each year, on average, over the decade, and this is only one of the renewable energy industries. Feel proud about the meaningful job you will have by contributing to improving the environment and economy locally. Fossil fuels emit harmful gasses and are finite resources. The prices fluctuate and can burn holes in buyers' pockets. Renewable energy, however is more cost-effective and reduces pollution.

A renewable energy career is the perfect pathway for those in dying industries or just beginning their career after school. A transition to the clean energy industry is an excellent opportunity to make a great living. These industries are only going to continue to grow! Plus, you can get trained, affordably, here in Minnesota! 

Learn about the clean energy workforce and more below.


Clean Energy Job Boards

Discover jobs in fields like energy efficiency to geothermal, fuel cell, solar energy, water power, wind energy, and more on these job boards! 

Wind Turbines
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