Which Heating Technology Is Right For You?

Want to reduce the amount of carbon emitted from your heating system and reduce your heating costs? Go electric!

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Switching from oil or propane heat to electric heat significantly reduces the amount of carbon emitted into our atmosphere, because the electricity we use in Cook County is generated from increasingly renewable sources.


But isn't electric heat expensive? Not if you invest in modern, high-efficiency heating technologies! 

The efficiency of electric powered appliances has increased dramatically in recent years; while older air source heat pumps could not operate effectively below 40 degrees, newer systems are more effective at lower temperatures, increasing their viability in colder climates.


Electric thermal storage units, cold-climate air source heat pumps, solar thermal, and geothermal technologies can be great options for our climate. To find out which of these will save you the most on your energy bills, use our energy cost calculator! And to learn everything you need to know about cold-climate air source heat pumps or solar thermal, follow the links below!



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