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Funding Options for Commercial Energy Projects

Do you have a business or non-profit organization?

Is your building leaking heat, or wasting electricity?

Would you like to add solar to your rooftop?

Maybe you'd like to install some electric vehicle chargers.

Whatever your dream is, we can help you fund it.

Contact CCLEP for help identifying grants and loans you can use to complete

energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for your building.

Then, we will help you apply for those programs!  

PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy)


Maximum amount:

  • Up to 20% of property’s assessed value

Grant or loan?

  • Loan


Where does the money come from?

  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Center for Energy and Environment. The St. Paul Port Authority and the Rural Minnesota Energy Board administer the program.


What does it pay for?

  • Energy efficiency projects

  • Water efficiency projects

  • Renewable energy projects

  • EV charging


Which businesses are eligible?

  • Commercial and industrial businesses

  • Non-profits, including churches

  • Owners of multi-family housing


How is it repaid?

  • The energy savings realized as a result of the funded project are calculated, and are then added as a separate item on the property tax assessment for a specified set of years. In this way, the business owner does not realize any increased cost of operations when repaying the loan, since the cost is offset by the value of the energy savings.

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