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Are you intrigued about going solar for your home or business? Let's start with some solar basics and solar incentives specific to Minnesota.

 Minnesota’s solar incentives:

1. Sales tax exemption

 Minnesota residents do not have to pay sales tax on their solar purchases when they install solar panels. Minnesota state sales tax is close to 7 percent, therefore a sales tax exemption creates significant solar savings.

2. Net metering in Minnesota

Net metering is one of the best incentives around for Minnesotans. All residential-sized PV installations qualify to receive solar bill credits for sending their energy back to the grid. Check your utility company for their net metering program.

3. The federal solar tax credit

 With the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can reduce the cost of your PV solar energy system by 26 percent in 2022. The ITC applies only to those who plan to buy their PV system outright, either with cash or a solar loan. After December 2022, the ITC will decrease to 22 percent. 

If you're ready to go solar, you should invite at least 3 solar contractors to do a site assessment & present you with bids. Then you have 3 different designs and bids to look at. At that point, you choose your contractor. 

Solar 101 in Cook County Webinar
with Solar United Neighbors & CCLEP

This informative webinar with Bobby Kind of SUN and Jessy Carlson of CCLEP will demystify the basics of solar, installations, financing, and more. 

MRES Virtual Solar Home Tour

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