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Measuring your Carbon Footprint: Why It Matters

To reduce your carbon dioxide and GHG emissions, you’ll need to know what your carbon footprint actually looks like, and one of the best ways to do that is with a carbon footprint calculator. They’re usually quick and easy to use, giving you actionable results in a matter of minutes.

Carbon footprint calculators ask you a few questions about your habits, you click a few buttons, slide a few widgets and then voila, you’ll have an idea of what your ecological footprint looks like. It’s pretty simple, and once you know your impact, you’ll be able to start on the path to lowering your emissions.

There are a lot of carbon footprint calculators on the internet offering to help you measure your footprint and do your bit to mitigate climate change. We’ve compiled the top ranked footprint calculators for you to begin your journey to carbon neutrality. Let's get started!

Carbon Footprint Resources

Conservation International Carbon Footprint Calculator


United Nations Carbon Footprint Calculator


Cool Climate Network Carbon Footprint Calculator


For Businesses: CarbonFund Carbon Footprint Calculator


Average US Household Carbon Footprint Map


Global Footprint Network: Ecological Footprint Calculator & Ecological Footprint Explorer Open Data Platform


For Businesses: Greenly Carbon Footprint Calculator


For Businesses: Greenly Carbon Footprint Calculator


Carbon Offsets

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