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Looking to the future, CCLEP has partnered with North Shore Waste to prepare a five-year plan to create a solid waste improvement program.

This program aims to reduce Cook County waste by 20% with the creation of a new composting operation to service residents and businesses. The multi-stage plan includes the development of a new transfer station, truck depot,  and composting facility with solar array systems, battery storage, and an all-electric fleet. This new program will greatly reduce our county's methane and carbon emissions while providing a new composting collection resource as well as rich, black soil to nurture local food sovereignty. 

Cook County currently does not have a commercial composting program in place. To reduce our community's waste, let's join forces with our neighbors to take our food waste out of landfills and to better use locally! Well, what are our options? ShareWaste is an excellent option for Cook County to utilize. Explore below.

North Shore Waste Solid Waste Improvement Program.png


ShareWaste is an international grassroots volunteer-run initiative founded and managed by Eliska Bramborova and Tomas Brambora. ShareWaste aims to encourage people to see their organic waste as a valuable resource and help them turn their waste into new soil and fertiliser by connecting them with other community members. ShareWaste helps people connect through our free app. ShareWaste does not manage any composting sites – all locations on our map are in private, council or commercial hands. Each site is registered by an individual or a coordinator who is responsible for that compost site.​

Organic Compost
Food Waste Compost
Food Waste Compost

Learn to Compost

Check out the Composting in Northern Minnesota presentation by David Abazs, co-owner of Round River Farm and the University of Minnesota, Sustainability Executive Director of NE Region! 

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