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Electric Vehicle Charging Resources

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These websites make it simple to plan road trip routes

with EV charging stations in mind.



Looking for a place to charge your EV in Cook County? We've got you covered.

1. Grand Marais Recreation Area

114 South 8th Avenue West, Grand Marais, MN, 55604

L2 Chargers: brought to you by SMMPA and the Grand Marais Public Utility, please patronize downtown businesses while you charge!

Payment Required

$2/hr for L2s

Paid Parking

Open 24/7

2. dual head Level 2 charger and DC Fast Charger placed in the City Hall parking lot

J-1772- 2 Plugs

Payment Required

50kW CHAdeMO/CCS: $5 Connection fee, plus $0.30/minute J1772: $2/hour

 Free Parking


2. Clearview General Store

5323 MN-61, Lutsen, MN 55612, USA

J-1772 - 1 Plug

25 kW DC & 12 kW AC. (25 kW DC should be 75 mph if your battery is warm; 12 kW AC about 35 mph.)

Tesla-to-CHADeMO: plug adapter into your car FIRST, then plug the charger into the adapter LAST.

Restrooms, EV Parking, Shopping, Grocery, Dining, WiFi

Free Parking

Open 24/7

3. Arrowhead Cooperative Headquarters

5401 West MN-61, Lutsen, MN 556123

Arrowhead Cooperative ZEF 7.7kW

J-1772 - 1 plug

 Free to Arrowhead Cooperative Members!

Restrooms, EV Parking, WiFi

Open 24/7

4. Lutsen Ski Resort

477 Ski Hill Rd, Lutsen, MN 55612, USA

Tesla- 1 plug

Northwest corner of paved lot, northwest of Papa Charlie’s Saloon & Grill. Restricted parking signs; but if you are a patron, this charger’s for you.

Up to 19 kW for properly equipped vehicles.

EV Parking, Park, Restrooms, Dining

Free Parking

Open 24/7

5. Lutsen Resort

5700 MN-61, Tofte, MN 55615, USA

Tesla- 2 Plugs

J-1772- 2 Plugs

Free Parking

Lodging, Dining, Restrooms, EV Parking, Park, WiFi

Open 24/7

6. Bluefin Bay Tofte Cove

Superior National Forest, 7126 W Highway 61, Tofte, MN 55615, United States

J-1772- 2 Plugs

2 Clipper Creek units, 60 amp service at Tofte Cove just to the east of the recycling center across the parking lot from unit 66,

available for guests of Bluefin Bay, Coho Cafe and the Bluefin Grille.

Lodging, Dining, WiFi, Shopping, EV Parking, Restrooms

Free Parking

Open 24/7

7. Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior

7198 MN-61, Tofte, MN 55615, USA

J-1772 2 Plugs

On the lake side of the building. 2 Clipper Creek units, 50 amp service available for guests of Bluefin Bay and the Bluefin Grille.

Dining, Lodging, Restrooms, WiFi, Shopping, EV Parking

Free Parking

Open 24/7

8. Bluefin Bay Condos

Bluefin Bay on Lake Superior, 7210 MN-61, Tofte, MN 55615, United States

J-1772 2 Plugs

EV Parking, Lodging, Dining, Shopping

Free Parking

9. Surfside on Lake Superior

10 Surfside Dr, Tofte, MN 55615


Across from Surfside units 18-20. 2 Clipper Creek chargers, 50 amp service available for guests of Surfside on Lake Superior.

Lodging, Dining, Restrooms, EV Parking, WiFi, Park


Free Parking

Open 24/7 

10. Bearskin Lodge

124 East Bearskin Road, Grand Marais, MN 55604

3 Plugs: 1 Wall, 1 J-1772, 1 Tesla 13 kW

Includes Tesla HPWC Destination Charger, a 30 amp Level 2 and 110v outlets at every unit. 

Free Parking

11. Rockwood Lodge & Outfitters

50 Rockwood Rd, Grand Marais, MN 55604, USA

J-1772 1 Plug

Clipper Creek station owned by Rockwood Lodge, call ahead & see owners for use.

Lodging, Restrooms, Park, WiFi, Dining, EV Parking

Free Parking

Open 24/7

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